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Posted 23 Jan, 2020 |

Can I pay from my credit card without having net banking?

Nancy Ahuja

Blogger | |Updated 23 Jan, 2020

Yes, you can pay for your credit card without having net banking. In case you want to pay your credit card bill without having any net banking facility, generally, financial institutions offer multiple methods of clearing the bill.

These different methods of payment are discussed below in detail –


In this method, credit card users can use their savings account from a different financial institution to pay the bill. While this method is swift and the bill is paid within the same date, the charges on this method of payment are also quite low.

NACH facility

Registering in the NACH facility can be especially helpful for you since this removes the hassle of manual bill payment every month. Once synced with your chosen financial account, the bills are cleared on the due dates every month.

Official app

The official app of the credit card provider can be a safe option to clear your bills. Once logged in the account, you can check your mini statements, manage your accounts and clear the bills easily.


To pay your credit card bill through the bill desk, users should log on to the official web page of their card issuer. Once logged in, you can use your savings account from another financial institution to clear your credit card bill.

Cheque payment

This is an offline method. Like net banking, if you want to avoid the other online methods of payment too, you can clear your bill by dropping in a cheque of the bill amount in favor of the financial institution.