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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Updated 11 Aug, 2018 |

Can I trace a mobile number?

Mudit Handa

Online Business Solution | Posted 11 Feb, 2019

Not Possible still.

hossain robin

Blogger | Posted 11 Feb, 2019

There is no way to trace it 

Ashwani aalok

blogger | Posted 13 Jan, 2019

No its impossible  

yuvraj Wadhwani

Blogger | Posted 29 Nov, 2018

No one can do it its up to government 

islam maya

Blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

To get real-time results, IMEI & GPS call trackers can be used to track the location of a phone call. Apps like GPS Phone & Locate Any Phone are great with tracking mobile phones, even when the phone is not connected to the internet. You can know the GPS coordinates of a phone number within seconds,

malik Seo

Blogger | Posted 13 Nov, 2018

There is no way to trace mobile number for normal users.

Ahsin Sulmani

Blogger | Posted 05 Nov, 2018

Tracing current location of a mobile number is not a straight forward look up but is a possible task. The difficulty lies in accessing the mobile signal tower information, operator server details etc. Public can not access this information because this is completely restricted and illegal. But with the help of police or any investigation agencies, you can easily trace a mobile number’s current location.

For third parties other than police/agencies, it is a hack work to trace the current location of a mobile number. But this is possible only when the mobile call is in active and the other person on the call is co-operative. Hack tools can analyse the signal and data information and can find out the tower information of other end of the mobile phone. This is not as simple as said but is very tricky.

Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted 10 May, 2018

No, You can't because there is no such process to trace a mobile number. Telecom companies do not provided any such feature and service in mobile number to trace. Yes there are a few apps available on play store to trace number, which also do not work to trace but they show number registration city details only.

Ritwik Singh

Manager at Amazon | |Updated 24 Apr, 2018

No, it is not possible to trace a mobile number unless you get legally the details from the service provider. There are many tools and tricks on internet that give you false hopes to track a number.

However, using IP address you can track a mobile number when a phone is connected to the internet. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) generates the unique IP address, if you get the IP address then you can track the user through Internet service provider.

You can visit, the website which claims to track a mobile number using specific IP address of a phone. They tell you a few steps to follow to get the IP address of a phone and after then, you can track a person live on Maps.

Below is the link to follow the steps

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