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Sumil Yadav

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Can Indian people affect the presidential election of America?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

“Indian people” as in Indian citizens like you and me?

No… not at least ethically.

I mean, sure you can create a website, invest in ads and propagate information to the American people to shift narratives. This, in fact, happened in 2016 US Presidential Election when foreign elements would use websites to peddle fake news and create political narratives to swing perceptions. In that, these websites made a lot of money.

So, you can do the same.

  • But that requires a lot of time, energy, and money – and would only affect existing perceptions meagerly, if any.
  • So, this is won’t work how you would want it to work.
  • Additionally, it would also bring you plenty of legal troubles, possibly putting you behind the bars.
  • Coming to can Indian-Americans affect the presidential election of America 2020 – yes, they can.
  • There’s a reason why Trump has gone gaga over Modi… to appeal the Indian-American voters, who he possibly believe support Modi.


(Courtesy: Aljazeera)

Similarly, a big reason why Biden opted for Kamala Harris as Vice President Candidate is to appeal this voter segment.

(Courtesy: SFgate)

Remember, there are 1.8 million Indian-origin people who would be eligible to vote in the presidential election of America 2020.

That’s not a small number.

  • It will play a big role, especially in swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. To put things into perspective, Hilary lost Michigan in 2016 by just 10,700 votes, she lost Wisconsin by 21,000 votes, and Pennsylvania by 43,000 votes. And about 77 per cent of Indian-origin voters voted for Hillary. Imagine what would have been the outcome if the remaining of 23 per cent would have gone for Hilary as well?!
  • So, a lot of eyes and attention will be on Indian-American voters ahead of US Presidential Election 2020. 
  • Interestingly, 65 per cent of these voters are rooting for Biden-Harris due, per a survey.


This can swing in either way.  Both Democrats and Republicans are counting big on Indian-American votes in this Presidential Election 2020. Let’s see how it goes and whom the desis support.

(Courtesy: The Statesman)


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