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Vansh Chopra

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Can Kamala Harris replicate Obama’s Success?


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Kamala Harris has formally entered the 2020 presidential race. A California senator, she’s a very popular name, well-favored among the liberals in particular. She’s also the first African-American woman to announce her bid for the White House run in 2020—an aspect that draws her parallel to Barack Obama.

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Entry of Kamala Harris also marks the fourth entry of a woman in the presidential race, which already makes 2020 US election a historic in many ways. Earlier, Tulsi Gabbard, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand announced their bid.

So, 2020 might just be the year when the US sees its first woman president ever.

However, coming to Kamala Harris and how strong her contentions are to win the 2020 election – it’s fairly naïve to compare her story with Obama’s success. At least for now. Harris still has a very (very) long way to go, including winning Iowa caucuses, New Hemisphere primary, Nevada Caucuses, and South Carolina primary—all taking place in February.

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On his 2008 victory over Hilary Clinton, Obama won Iowa caucuses and South Carolina primary, which fuelled his momentum in the presidential race. Can Kamala Harris replicate this – which is virtually a must – and outdo expectations, we’ll have to wait and see. Even when she can manage to pull victories in these early stages, the presidential election 2020 is a whole different game.

Kamala Harris is a very popular name in California. But that alone cannot strengthen her White House bid. White supremacism, racism, and radical conservatism—these are serious and evident issues in America at the moment. Republicans, even with the majority of mainstream media against them, tout a large appeal among the voters. In presidential election 2020, a lot will depend (again) on the swing states and that Electoral College with has greater significance than the popularity vote.

I personally believe, even with her politically-correct image and mass appeal in the mainstream media, the dream to be the President of the USA would remain just that for Kamala Harris even after 2020. She’s far from entering the White House. So, wondering over her replication of Obama’s success is a rather far-fetched idea, completely absurd to think of at the moment.


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