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Can Rahul Gandhi ever become PM?


digital marketer | Posted

Rahul Gandhi means Pappu of India!

Yes ! He will be able to become Prime Minister but only in his dream.

As we all know, he is the youngest of 50 years. Oh sorry, he will be 54 years young leader in the next election.

Thinking who will vote for a leader who does not know the difference between gold and potatoes. Who considers the politics of the country as the gift of his family.

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To be the Prime Minister of the country, it is necessary to have certain qualities which I do not think they have. One who does not even have basic knowledge about our country, how can a human being become the Prime Minister of the country (which is a very big post in itself).

So I do not think he will ever become the Prime Minister of the country. Even if we become a cause, it will be the misfortune of our countrymen.


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