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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted | Sports

Can undefeated Vijender Singh beat Floyd Mayweather boxing record of 50-0?

System Engineer IBM | Posted

It’s very unlikely that Vijender Singh can match Floyd Mayweather record. Indeed, he’s 10-0 right now, but I don’t think he would be able to box high-caliber 40 more matches to get 50-0. Even if he continues boxing, he won’t be able to be undefeated. There are many great boxers out in the line who are pretty amazing and can outdo Vijender Singh.

One of the matches I really want is Vijender vs. Amir Khan. Amir is one of the best boxers in the world right now. He going against Singh would be amazing.

Coming back to Vijender, he’s an incredible boxer. And I am glad he left the amateur boxing and picked up the professional level. But the fact is, Floyd Mayweather is the best boxer of all time. Matching him? It’s extremely difficult. Aside from that, trying to outmatch Mayweather, it is much more than just being undefeated.

Mayweather is a promoter, he’s a businessman, he has a great personality that pulls audience, he’s a speaker, and he knows how to play the audience. It was all very evident in his last match against MMA megastar Conor McGregor. These are the departments where Vijender Singh still lags behind.

So answer to your question is NO, Vijender Singh can’t beat Floyd Mayweather’s boxing record of 50-0.



Blogger | Posted

it's impossible to beat him


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