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Medha singh kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted 21 Aug, 2018 |

Can we eat Jalebi while fasting?

Rinki Singh

Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted 21 Aug, 2018

All dessert lovers are fans of the typical Indian sweet dish, Jalebi. And even those who don’t like sweets, love Jalebi for its shape, taste, and authenticity. Jalebis are made of Semolina (Maida) and hence can’t be consumed while fasting. But there is one way of satisfying your taste buds even when you are fasting, with delicious Jalebi. You can make Jalebi at home with apple, known as Apple Fritters. It will be tasty as well as eatable in fast.


Apple; Samo rice powder; Water chestnut flour; Curd; Desi ghee; Milk; Syrup prepared with sugar; Pistachios.

How to prepare the syrup:

• Heat water and sugar in a pan.
• When boiled, add milk in the pan.
• Filter the froth coming up in the syrup.
• Cook for 8-10 minutes.
• After it gets thick, add cardamom and saffron.

Method of preparing Jalebi:

• Cut apple in circular shape and remove the seeds.
• Take equal proportions of Samo rice powder and Water chestnut flour, and mix these with some curd. Prepare this mixture 2 hours prior to preparing Jalebi.
• Heat Desi Ghee.
• Dip the cut apples in the mixture of flour, rice powder, and curd, and deep fry in desi ghee.

Your Jalebi (apple fritters) is ready.


(Translated from Hindi by team Lets Diskuss)