Can we really call Virat Kohli as GREAT as Tendulkar even if he breaks the latter-s records? - letsdiskuss
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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | Sports

Can we really call Virat Kohli as GREAT as Tendulkar even if he breaks the latter-s records?


Project head in keon design | Posted on


How do you judge a batsman ? Here are 4–5 criteria:

Amount of run scored
Performance i.e to win matches
Quality of Opposition
Which of these criteria is most important is a subjective matter ! People chose their favorite based on which criteria they think is most important.
If we consider TECHNIQUE then Don Bradman’s comment on Sachin should be last word. He had a perfect technique and judgement of line length was second to only himself especially before 2000!
Till date nobody has scored more than Sachin and what will happen in future is largely speculative. Couple of years back it looked that Alistair Cook will be nearing 50 Test centuries by now and he is still at 32 ! Virat is too far :)
Sachin scored runs in both ODI’s and TESTS but he was bigger match winner in ODI’s than Test matches ! He contributed in some historic wins but Kumble & Dravid were bigger contributors ! Virat is on a roll in Tests as well and has batted team out from tricky situations in TESTS as well but still bowlers had bigger role in wins.
Here I think Virat has an edge over Sachin because he is Punjabi by nature :) Aggressive to the hilt built in Australian mode. Sachin wilted under high pressure games -2 World Cup finals are testimony to that ! And he used to be cautious against quality bowlers.Can recount many instances .Wished he had played with more freedom like he did in IndvsPak encounter in 2003 WC which is a part of cricketing folklore. Yes, he had billion expectations to manage but such was divinity of his batting that you w anted more of it and people would rue the fact why did he get out ? Virat so far has shown tremendous grit in Tests & ODI’s.
Well, Sachin never played fearsome WI quartet nor Virat is going to play Wasim Akram or Glen Mcgrath, Warne or Murali ! :) Virt was found out in England last time around and 2018 is going to be test of his capabilities as India tours SA, England & Australia.


Entrepreneur | Posted on

NO!!! Personally, I don’t think numbers say a lot about players’ skill and capabilities.




 (Courtesy: SportsKeeda)


I mean, there are scores of incredible players other there (playing and retired) who hardly makes it to the top 10 lists. Does that mean they are bad? Or not good enough as those in the top 10s? 


For instance, the most common example is that of AB de Villiers. He is one of the finest cricketers and sports personalities, yet he doesn’t rank in many major top 10 lists. So, does that mean he’s no good? 



(Courtesy: The SportsRush)


Adam Gilchrist, Garfield Sobers, Shaun *****, Dennis Lillee, and many more—these are great players with unparalleled skills and personality. They don’t rank high on top 10 lists. That doesn’t mean they are bad, does that? 


So, when Virat Kohli breaks Sachin Tendulkar’s record, or anyone’s for that matter (Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, Rahul Dravid, Jacques Kallis), that doesn’t mean he’s better than these all-time greats. 


But it also doesn’t take away the credit from Virat Kohli itself. He’s the best cricketer in the world today. Period. He’s the best. And he’s certainly in the line, shouldering the great names that this sport has ever produced. But just because he crossed their records doesn’t mean he’s better than them. 


Also, we need to realize that cricket is fast changing and progressing. What players do today didn’t seem possible yesterday? For instance, no one could have done this a decade back… 



Scoring 10 runs an over was “great” back in the days and NOT “Okay”. Very few bowlers really did batting practice years back. 


The game is improving. Players are becoming real athletes. And we’re seeing things that are better and “the first time”. So, Virat Kohli broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record of the fastest 10,000 runs in ODI 205 innings (Tendulkar took 259 innings), but as we move forward, some other player will break this record. They would crack this 10,000 run under 200 innings. 


(Courtesy: NDTV Sports)


In short, Virat Kohli isn’t better than Sachin Tendulkar just because he managed to break his record. He’s in his own different league-best batsman, fielder and captain in the world today. And his this recognition and class, no can take away; not even if someone breaks his records. 


So, let’s stop calling players great and best based on the top 10 lists.



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