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Can we see Wolverine making a cameo in Marvel’s Avenger Infinity War?


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The latest teaser of Marvel’s Avenger Infinity War displayed at the Super Bowl has many people wondering that Hugh Jackman can return back as Wolverine for the very last time in a cameo role in this upcoming superhero movie.

If you’ll look at the teaser, in the last scene, you could actually see the scars on the face of Thanos. This can be that Wolverine has scarred this super-villain with his metal claws.

Of course, these are just pure speculations. But there’s a big chance that we can see Wolverine in Infinity War. Because we know Fox (studio that owns the right of X-Men movies) is now merged with Disney. Also, Hugh Jackman has himself admitted that he would love to return as Wolverine in the Infinity War if approached.

Now given Infinity War is the biggest movie of Marvel, starring a score of superheroes together, we could see them having Wolverine on board as well. Imagine the hype and craze they could generate with Hulk, Captain America and Wolverine together sharing the same screen. That would be insane. You could actually get Goosebumps by just thinking about it.

Hopefully, we will see Hugh Jackman back on screen as Wolverine for one more time.