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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Can WWE ever host Wrestlemania in India?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

NO. It’s not happening in the next 10 years. Period. There are plenty of problems on the way.

Only this past December, Mumbai was supposed to host 2 WWE house shows consequently. However, that 2 night was turned into one “power show”—because tickets weren’t selling.

Indeed, in India there are many WWE fans. It’s one of the largest consumer markets for the company, likely after USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and China. But there are still not many people who would pay, visit and watch the weekly or special programming. Indians, unsurprisingly, would prefer watching it over the TV for free.

Second problem is the infrastructure. Even in its weekly programming, a lot of preparation goes to make sure the arena is suitable, well-lit and fully secure. Hundreds of people work to make that possible. India lacks the necessary infrastructure and proficient skills to make the arenas for even house shows, let alone Wrestlemania.

Understand, Wrestlemania is not only WWE’s biggest pay-per-view, it’s also the biggest event in the sports entertainment. What Super Bowl is to Football, WM is to wrestling. The event brings large revenue to the company. Do you really think WWE will experiment with its biggest money-making event and host it in India?


Preparing a Wrestlemania-like arena would be difficult in India. Plus, drawing people, through high-priced tickets, id difficult. So yeah, give up the dream of seeing WWE Wrestlemania live in India for at least next 10 years.

For heaven sake, this event hasn’t even reached iconic Wembley Stadium yet!


blogger | Posted on

Definitely NO! Setting up a Wrestlemania-like field would be troublesome in India. Furthermore, drawing individuals, through expensive tickets, id troublesome. No doubt about it surrender the fantasy about observing WWE Wrestlemania live in India for in any event next 10 years.