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can you put paper in the oven?


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Can you put paper in the oven? 
This is something of a delicate subject, prone to heated disagreements. Some people swear by using their oven to dry wet paper in order to avoid over-running the dishwasher. So we're going to give you the facts on this one before you come up with your own opinion. The below mentioned details are important to be noticed:
1) Paper towels can be used as a substitute for oven drying if there isn't much moisture in the wet paper. You should pat it dry before placing it on top of your oven heating element so that it doesn't catch fire or ignite other combustible items in your kitchen.

2) You should NEVER use paper towels to remove grease from cooking surfaces. The paper can pick up a lot of grease and should be disposed of properly.

3) You shouldn't use wet newspaper to dry anything in your home. Not only is it messy, the ink can damage items that you want to keep in good condition.

4) If you're using paper towels, you should consider switching to a thicker variety for better absorbency as opposed to the thinner kind, which normally isn't strong enough for this purpose.
Is it safe to put paper in the oven?
It sounds too good to be true: No wires. No power. No power cords. Just shred your old grocery list and throw the scraps into the oven. The heat inside will turn them into pulp that you can use for your recipes. 

Unfortunately, this isn't quite what happens when you put paper in your oven. In general, it's not safe to put paper in an oven because it creates a fire hazard if left alone for long enough (and many people don't realize how easily caught a fire could be). Plus, there is also residual electricity or gas inside of the appliances that could ignite when subjected to heat and friction from paper. 

Does paper catch fire in the oven?
If you're looking for a low-fuss, high-yield way to get rid of your old papers, you might want to consider placing them in the oven. This is a surprisingly safe and effective way to destroy sensitive documents, as it leads to combustion without fire.

It's really quite easy: just place your paper in an oven (preferably on the lowest possible setting) and let the continuous heat do its job. You can also place sheets of aluminum foil on top of any lit burner in order to create a seal over the oven grid. Place your paper on top of this aluminum foil; then turn off any overhead lights so that there is total darkness inside the oven.


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