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Check this Out this wonderful electric scooter


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This scooter with zero petrol is available for only 64,990, these amazing features will captivate the heart

Electric vehicle startup BattRE Electric Mobility has launched a new electric scooter BattRE gps: ie. Its price is Rs 64,990. It is an internet connected electric scooter. BattRE has developed this internet connected scooter in partnership with Aeris Communications. Aeris Communications has its headoffice in San Jose California, while its country-office for this scooter is in Delhi-NCR.

Let us tell you the amazing features of this scooter, how it will monitor every action of its owner and even if the police put a hand to lift the scooter, then the owner will also inform immediately.

This electric scooter has a SIM card integrated through which smart vehicle functions can be accessed from the official app on the phone.

Awesome features
The scooter has features such as GPS tracing, remote immobilization, driver behavior reports, trip reports, geofence, device management and Secure Park.

It also has an alert feature, which informs the rider about the device status along with tow alerts, crash alerts and speed alerts. This means that if the police picks up your scooter due to incorrect parking, then the scooter will immediately alert you.

How far will it go on full charge?
This electric scooter from BattRE comes with a 48V 24Ah lithium ferro phosphate battery, which powers the BLDC hub motor. Once full charged, its maximum range is 65 kilometers. It will take about two and a half hours for its battery to be fully charged.

Braking and features
BattRE gps: ie weighs 60 kg. It has tubeless tires. Talking about braking, 220mm disc brakes are provided on both sides. There are telescopic forks in the front and adjustable coilover suspension in the rear. The scooter also has features such as LED headlamps, reserve mode, key-ignition and anti-theft alarm.

These electric scooters will be available at more than 50 dealerships in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Apart from the dealership, this scooter will also be available on Amazon.