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Admin | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Death Penalty for rapist? Is it right?


We have seen a lot of candle marches and so-called promises made by politicians to curb the rape cases but nothing has left that much impact on rapists and I think these scoundrels only deserve one punishment that is death penalty.

We know what happened in the Nirbhaya case, people protested outside the India Gate, we saw lots of candle marches across the country and even many social campaigns started but sick mentality of rapists did not change at all.

If it did, the Delhi outrage in the Nirbhaya case would have created some fear in the minds of rapists and an eight year old little girl Asifa wouldn’t face the same fate. Such mentality and behavior will not change any time soon even if the rapists are not sentenced to death penalty through a fast track legal process.



Entrepreneur | Posted on

I wish they are dragged by huge black bulls, slapped by one billion people and their limbs are roasted in city’s main square….but capital punishment? No.

The reason are as follows –

1. No race or civilization is strong enough to take 'life and death' in their hands. We have rules and code of conduct but killing someone isn’t the verdict. Let this be handled by the super natural power who has created this universe.

2. You cannot extinct a breed by killing a few. When you put a mosquito repellent in your room to kill mosquitoes, do you extinct the breed?

3. If a rape convict is given capital punishment then why people who indulge in female foeticide left free? We hear many incidences where a bus driver ends up killing many children due to driving negligence or lack of adherence to rules. Why such people shouldn’t not be given death penalty? We hear many grown up sons or daughters killing their parents for property, why should they be left? Why dowry victim’s convicts be left free? The list of crime can go on and on and we cannot determine pain of a victim or their loved ones on a scale and punish them accordingly. Its subjective hence cannot be graded.

4. Death penalty will make rapists more cautious and they won’t leave the victim alive. If they can rape, they can kill. Simple.

The alternative is quick and severe punishment.

Punishment which makes them lifeless….neither they are able to live, nor they are able to die. This is what they deserve. Death will free them. Life itself should be punishment for them.


Fashion Designer... | Posted on

Being a mother of a 12-year- old girl, a daughter of 55-year- old women, and a sister of 20-year-
old, I firmly say – every rapist, irrespective of age, position, power, and so should be hanged to
death. The reason why I disclosed my relation to other females of my family is to show how I am
scared to leave my female members alone in the city as nobody is safe in our country.

We, in India, have come across so many rapists, not sparing be it 8-year- old girl or a 100-year-
old woman, so I ask why is there a need for the question “death penalty for rapist – right or
wrong?” Well, there is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ in punishing the culprits of such horrifying
cases. What happens in India is, an incident occurs, there is storm on social media, and then the
case is buried under the blankets of politics, religion, age, background, and such overshadowing

Therefore, without any second thought, the punishment for every rapist should be death. If
possible, it should be a painful death so that he realizes how shameful and torturous crime he has
committed. I urge the big shots of the nation to take a serious action against rapists, as it is high
time to punish them.