Despite being 5th largest economy of the world, why is India still developing-underdeveloped in a few areas? - letsdiskuss
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Shekhar Chandra

@letsuser | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Despite being 5th largest economy of the world, why is India still developing-underdeveloped in a few areas?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Hi Shekhar, According to PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) India is third largest economy. Yeah...

However, the fact remains that India's wealth is shared by 1.3 billion people, hence India is individually among the poor country.

Illiteracy, malnutrition, population, gender imbalance or poor health status, India scores very low. But try and understand that the larger the size, more the time it takes to bounce back. Colonization , misgovernance, corruption, caste system took us way behind centuries. While there are countries who have faired very well and bounced back despite colonization or misgovernance, we couldn't!

Now look at the brighter side-

We have achieved a lot in terms of literacy in past seven decades. We have less infant mortality, better health status, more number of girls are graduate and government policies are more transparent.

Our healthcare system is attracting medical tourism. Our bright engineers are taking top notch positions in the world, our women workforce has increased in organized sector, our airports are getting better, metros are covering the city and so on...

Yes, we have a long list of problems but which country doesn't have it? In another two decades we might take a huge jump...or in another five decades we might no longer have a tag of 'poor', únder-developed'country.

After all, Rome was not built in a day.


Blogger | Posted on

All in all, India is a huge economy and on the PPP premise, it's the third biggest. Be that as it may, India's riches is shared by 1.3 billion Indians and accordingly, exclusively, India is among the least fortunate. Both these realities can exist together.

From yearning to absence of education to illness to sex lopsidedness, we rank ineffectively and those are realities to acknowledge.

It requires some investment for a nation of the size of India to skip once again from the time of misgovernance because of untouchables. Like an enormous cooking vessel, it sets aside a long effort to warm it up and quite a while to chill it off. While expansionism couldn't ***** local Indians as fast as state in the Americas or Australia, the recuperation from it will take longer than for littler casualties.

At the point when the Brits left our shores, they left a consuming wreckage. There were a huge number of dead bodies filling our railroad tracks, trenches and roads during parcel.