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Sanya Chopra

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Despite my hard and sincere work,my boss ignores meWhat should I do?


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Your relationship with your boss is a significant predictor of your experience at work. When your manager ignores you, the lack of response can man make you feel worried but there may be certain reasons that are making you feel like this but here are the ways through which you can deal with the situations

· It may not be you : Oftentimes it is not about you when you get the cold shoulder it’s more likely that your boss is overwelhmed and distracted with having to manage with fewer employees on a cautious budget.

· Boost your visibility : A mistake would be trying to hang onto your job by keeping a low profile. Instead consider increasing your visibility and stepping up your role. You can turn things around by addressing the underlying problem.

· Take effort : Its up to you to make an effort when your boss is so distracted that she forgets to give you crucial feedback and goes out of her way to not meet with you.

· Schedule regular meetings : Explain your boss the benefits of doing this. Keep the meetings brief and on schedule. Regular sit-downs eliminate the need to constantly chase your boss down.

· Repackage your ideas : This is so that he can answer you easily and concisely. Instead of sending long mails urgent package of your messages and reports in a concise, lively format that is appealing to read.

· Imagine you’re the boss : Think that way and imagine what your busy day is like. Adjust your behavior accordingly.