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Albert Jordan

Senior Software Engineer | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Did Disney mess its Animatronic Donald Trump on purpose?


Football enthusiast | Posted on

With whatever report has emerged, Disney is still oblivious to the fact that its animatronic Trump looks different than actual Donald Trump. While they may have missed the details, others on social media platforms haven’t.

Many have pointed out that this robot funnily looks like Oscar winning actor Jon Voight.

Did Disney do this on purpose? This is a question that’s quite legit and fitting. At least after that incident where a Twitter employee deactivated Trump’s account for few minutes before it was reinstated.

Sadly, it’s also a question whose answer we will never know.

But the fact is, while many people find it funny, it isn’t. Even with all the differences in opinions and views, President Trump should be respected for the office he is holding.

This isn’t funny because Disney’s Hall of Presidents isn’t something small. It’s a prestige in itself that holds its distinct position in history. Making such mistake – unconsciously or on purpose – is not acceptable. Because this piece will go on for decades from now and the future generation will see such Animatronics as a piece of history lesson.

I hope Disney take some necessary steps and fix the appearance of the robot of President Trump with fine detailing. Admittedly, they have done tremendously good in capturing the way Donald Trump talks and moves.

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