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Aditya Singla

Marketing Manager (Nestle) | Posted 07 Dec, 2018 |

Did Singer Mika Singh really molest a teen in Dubai?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | |Updated 07 Dec, 2018

Well, either that or the Dubai Police is lying. But why would they lie then?

By the way, he didn’t “molest” anyone.

Singer Mika Singh allegedly sent obscene pictures to a 17-year old Brazilian model in Dubai. He was in middle-east to partake and perform in an event. New outlets in Dubai, along with the police there, has confirmed that he’s in custody right now. His friends have been trying to get him out—but clearly, it’s not India and there they take such issues rather seriously. You can’t simply bribe the constable and get away with things. At the moment, reports suggest that the Indian Embassy (supposedly embarrassed and humiliated) has sought consular access to Singer Mika Singh.

Singer Mika Singh has always been in controversies. So, him sending obscene images to a teenage girl – and promising her a role in Bollywood – isn’t that surprising after all. Doesn’t his intentions look evident here?! To think this is the same man who came out to support #MeToo movement a couple of months.

Let’s hope the Dubai Police do the justice. I mean, we can’t expect that in India, can we?!

MikaSingh-arrested-letsdiskuss (Couresty: cdn.pinkvilla.com)

P.S. Excuse me for using “singer Mika Singh” an awful lot of time lol.