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Sara Jaiswal

@letsuser | Posted | Entertainment

Did Three Billboards really deserve 7 Oscars Nomination?

Entrepreneur | Posted

Well, asking that to regular movie-goers would be a tad controversial, given the answer highly depends on individuals’ preference and taste. Some people like crime and thriller, others dig comedy. So assumingly, people who aren’t in this genre would have preferred Three Billboards.

I have many of my friends who actually disliked the movie, calling it long, bore with problematic story. On the other hand, I personally enjoyed it thoroughly. I love any crime drama as a matter of fact. I found Three Billboards a complete masterpiece that has an incredible storytelling, unmatched acting and the right amount of humor and suspense. Of course, it is Martin McDonagh’s finest work.

At large, majority of critics have appreciated this movie. No wonder, it has 93 percent of approval on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.3/10 ratings on IMDb. But you will definitely find few names objecting whether or not Three Billboards deserve 7 academy nominees.

I positively believe the movie will win at least 3 Oscars. Frances McDormand will win the best actress award and Jon Gregory will win for editing.

In the best picture category, the biggest competitor for Three Billboards would be Dunkirk, which is another masterpiece from Christopher Nolan. Let’s see what happens!


Blogger | Posted

Yes  I loved the acting of the three main characters and some of the minor. I did not engage with this film at all.


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