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Vaibhav Rai

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DIY Nail Art Tips With Traditional Nail Polish?


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To make your nails more and more dainty and elegant, there are available a lot of nail polish brands offering nail polishes in every shade and color. But of course, when it comes to beauty and fashion, we are not satisfied with colors simply. We want to be as much artistic in beautifying our nails as possible. For this, there are quite a lot of nail art tips that can come handy.


• Always clean your nails, inside out before trying any kind of nail art. Then pay attention on the shape and conditioning of your nails.

• Clean your nails with the solution of warm water and sweet soda. Let your nails be dipped in the mixture of water, lemon juice, and soda for some time, and then wipe them off with a soft cloth.

• When your nails are not hard, shape your nails with the help of filer so that your nails don’t look shabby.

• First of all apply nail primer on your nails and then apply the base coat. Base coat keep your nails protected and saves them from yellowing.

• When the base coat layer is dry, apply the second coat. Now you can take any contrasting or matching color of your choice and design your own nail art.

• If you want to make it look more funky. You can also use colorful glitters and stones.

• Let it dry thoroughly before you even think of moving your hand.

Following these tips would not only make your nails, but your hands look attractive. Here’s a video showing some beautiful nail art ideas:


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