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ashutosh singh

teacher | Posted 22 Jan, 2021 |

Do books of Devdutt Patanaik potray Hinduism in the right format?

ashutosh singh

teacher | |Updated 24 Jan, 2021

There are sure layman level compositions of Devdutt, for example, Pashu, which are nice. In any case, at that point his endeavors with Gita and other such specialized writings/parts of writings show his absence of authority.

That Devdutt's works have a deceptive depiction of Hinduism is something many know by hunch. In any case, what precisely isn't right with it? His perspective isn't actually Hindu, and he attempts to project "old" Hinduism is a type of liberal world, contrary to the present "hindutva" which is "retrograde and inflexible". In addition to the fact that this is a long way from the real world, yet is an inspired plan.

Indeed Hindu society has consistently been one where people and gatherings appreciate an extraordinary level of freedom. Simultaneously, every general public has certain casing of guidelines subject to which freedoms exist. Furthermore, at whatever point such guidelines were penetrated, regardless of whether it was antiquated or archaic or current occasions, initiative followed up on it to guarantee the guidelines fit to times were implemented. Rama to Bhoja to Shivaji that holds great. It should keep on holding useful for the general public to be protected and prosperous.

How might one say it not Devdutt's obliviousness yet roused plan to overlook this reality? Since his endeavors have not been simply at underlining freedom however ridiculing the arrangement of guidelines.