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Ajay Kumar

Article writer, SEO Executive | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Do people in Kashmir actually get paid to throw stones at Army?


Student (B.A(h) Philosophy, Content writer(Fashion and beauty) | Posted on

Letsdiskuss The question behind this is Unemployment! these days Kashmir is burning is mostly common phrase than kashmir is beautiful. Politics has ruined generations extremely and there can be no accountability for young lives. Yes, undoubtedly stone throwing on army is considered as profession in some parts of jammu and kashmir. Also, the pay criteria goes like you get paid for an hour and the number of stones You have thrown. There runs the well oiled machine to operate this profession which takes lives on both the sides i.e protestors and protectors.

It makes sure that paid stone throwers don't even have to collect their own stones, there is practically no kind of business left in few districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

The time to ponder as arrived, unless stone throwing is stopped it will only lead to next bigger things. If bags full of stones can reach people so can bags with hand grenade .

Kashmir is a paradise of India, kashmiris too are a part of India just like punjabis, biharis, Tamils etc Definitely it is late but surely no too late to put lives back on track . Let there be some agenda which can be good for Kashmir and for India as a whole.


Blogger | Posted on

Are they paid is not a question, why they are doing that is the main question.

Is there so much of unemployment in the valley that they throwing stones wrapped up in their Resume so that Pakistan can consider it as their official application for the post of terrorist. Do these people have no skill other than throwing stones at Indian Army.

There are ample amounts of schools and colleges for them .

The Government of India spend heavily on Kashmiris .(Special state)

These Guys have reservations in IITs (Indian Institute of Technology)and various top colleges. They run the same agenda there also.

What more Indian Government can do from them.

Even after so much done by The Indian Government for Kashmir they don't respect India .


@letsuser | Posted on

Some of them are paid by the politician itself to do such shameful things.


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