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Do the graduates with MS in Finance earn more than MBA in Finance?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Let’s start with Masters in Finance. This course is all about Finance and related topics. The curriculum is much more intensive and includes everything from finance, investments, and markets to financial reporting, analysis,andvaluation. It prepares you from the core to handle the financial structure of an organization from A to Z.

In short, it hones your skill in a specific area. It establishes you as a niche expert. On the other hand, even with specialization in Finance, MBA focuses on a range of broad topics, including introductions to accounting, economics, communications, management,andentrepreneurship. Aside from lightly introducing you to theintensivecurriculum of finance, it also aims to advance your managerial and leadership skills. After graduation with MBA in finance, you emerge as a wholesome individual, prepared to take on the corporate world.

Now coming to salary! It really depends on which company you’re working in and what role you’re playing. Generally speaking, MBA graduates make more money than others, because they usually sit in top positions of theorganization. They handle the management and operation of the company. On the other hand, MS in Finance gets acomparatively lower salary.

However, if a top company, specifically in the financial sector, needs a qualified individual to contributetotheir core operation, you would be their #1 choice and not MBA graduates. And since you would be handling a key position, you would earn much more.

My personal opinion is that both courses are good. Stop thinking about the salary! If the nitty-gritty of finance interests you, go with MS in Finance. But if you want to climb to the top of the ladder in the corporate world, MBA is your go-to.