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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | Science-Technology

Do we have any device that allows us to control our sleep?


Manager at Amazon | Posted on

In the modern world everything is possible, scientists are making such inventions that we used to dream in our sleep. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recentlydeveloped a devicethat allows you to maintain a semi-conscious state between wakefulness and sleeping.

They are working on a device that gives you the control over sleep. The state state between awake and asleep is called hypnophagia. Experts believe that If you can control this state then you can win over your sleep. MIT has developed a glove that you can wear on your wrist and the moment you begin to fall asleep the glove starts loosen its grip.

It detects a person’s sleep state when you are moving from hypnophagia into deep sleep, it interrupts you by playing a pre-recorded reminder. The device has been tested only on some participants but its outlook looks promising.