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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Do we really need labour day?


Engineer,IBM | Posted on

If you’re going to treat labour day as just another holiday then, yes, we don’t really need this day on our calendar. But if you’re ready to peek to why it exists and its paramount relevance in history, we definitely need labour day—more so today than ever when labours around the world are being exploited and manipulated by big corporate houses and even political parties.

Originally Labour day originated in USA to celebrate the efforts and contribution of labours in the entire system. These days, however, many other countries have adapted this holiday, too talking about labours, their rights and social status. In India, we celebrate labour day on May 1 every year. This is the day when the silent heroes of the nation get deserved attention and focus of the mainstream.

While we shouldn’t really wait to discuss the problems and struggles of labour to one particular day and do it whenever needed and possible, we don’t always do that. So, keeping that in mind, having a dedicated date separated for labour seem justifiable. We must talk about these key individuals who play a crucial role in ensuring the society functions. We must discuss their problems, fight for their rights and work towards their welfare. All these happen (or at least try to happen) on Labour day.So yes, we need labour day. And instead of treating it as just another holiday, we should treat it as what it really is (or what it was meant to be)—celebrate labour and protect their rights.