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Do you get bail money back?


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Do you get bail money back? 

When a person is charged guilty for any criminal offence, the bail is posted for the person at the court for the release. Bail is described as the amount which is set by the court for securing the defendant's release from the jail. If the defendant agrees with the bail amount, he/she is released. The bailing amount can then be paid in the form of cash, bonds or even property

The amount for bail if posted to court directly is paid back within 6 weeks of time after the defendant has been found guilty. But if the bail charges are paid to the bondsman, then the amount is nonrefundable. 


What is a bail bond?

Bail bonds can be described as an agreement between the defendant and the bails bondsman. Bail bonds are a type of surety bonds which are paid to the bail bondsman in the form of fees. The bail bond is charged in regard for the trial procedure or to pay the amount which is set by the court. The bail bonds are a kind of guarantee that the criminal defendant will be present on the trial days. 

Bail bonds are a kind of alternative option which is presented in front of the person who has been found as a suspect in some serious criminal scene. If the defendant doesn't have enough money to pay the charges set by the court, they can go for bail bond. The bail bondsman will charge a percentage of the bail money in return of the release or the payment. The percentage charged by the bail bondsman is nonrefundable fees. 

Do you get bond money back?

Bond money is the percentage which is paid to the bail bondsman in return of a trial day or the payment. The fees which are paid to the bondsman are not refundable to the defendant. On the other hand, if the person has been found guilty and has paid the cash bail with full settlement, then there are full chances of getting the money back in 2 week of time. The time period can be extended to 6 weeks because the cheque is paid through mail and it might take time to get back at the person who paid the cash bail


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