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Posted 20 Feb, 2019 |

Do you like family dinners?


Posted 19 Mar, 2019

Yes, Of course i love to spend  a joyful time with my family,it will be a happiest part of the helps to improve the bond between all the members. Even going out with family to a restaurant can improve the family ties. One of the best place that i recommend is kerala food restauarant  trivandum. These restuarants have some of the best food available around.

Rajinder Singh

Owner | Posted 18 Mar, 2019

I like to spend my dinner time with my family have some talk and enjoy the food. It will be the happiest part of my day.

Sunil Dogra

Owner | Posted 16 Mar, 2019

Yes, I love to spend a joyful time with my family at dinner or lunch outside. It 

kunalal dsengypta

artist | Posted 13 Mar, 2019

Yes. of course. Why not? But unfortunately I won't go for a family dinner because of time problem. Hope you should enjoy your quality time. 


Posted 26 Feb, 2019

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|Updated 21 Feb, 2019

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