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Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on | Sports

Do you think India should play against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup 2019 match?


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You feel pity when you come across such questions. Why always after a terrorist attack , the first thing that comes to the mind of people is ban Cricket with pakistan, boycott pakistani actors and singers making money in India.

I don't know why always the debate digress towards these two things, cricket and bollywood, after any attack. Like our soldiers life are worth just few matches and movies. Even people with great mind fall into the such traps where a group of extremely right wing people and few media channels invoked a feeling of hyped nationalism and patriotism into the people.

What would happen even if we don't play matches with Pakistan? Would that bring any change? Like seriously banning Cricket with Pakistan would have any affect on these terrorist organisation. Would that change the status of Pakistan anyhow? Would people Stop listening to Atif Aslam or watching Pakistani Bollywood celebrities movies.


It's just a political and media propaganda and nothing much more. Not playing Pak in world cup 2019 would not avenge those martyred in any case. Neither it flaunts your patriotism and nationalism. Doing all stuffs at Diplomatic level can be seen as a fair measure. Like making international pressure towards Pak, making the country economically worse off by removing the MFN tag, etc. Make sense.

Even, BCCI which had a huge saying in ICC could not take ICC into influence to stop Pakistan from Playing World Cup 2019. Because it seems pretty illogical to the international community as to why a country is stopped from Playing the world cup, when that country itself is suffering from the terrorist attack....Considering the attack done on Pak Schools and local areas. Moreover, it is a world cup, had it been a bilateral series it could have been easily done away with. Also, boycotting a country from playing any sports, is no solution at all.Smiley face


Entrepreneur | Posted on

It's (extremely) sad that whenever terror attacks, like that in Pulwama, happen, the whole conversation takes a rather absurd turn to cricket and movies. REALLY?!?!!!

The whole nation starts talking about should India play against Pakistan? Should Pakistani actors and artists be allowed in India?


After getting attacked by the terrorists, after losing tens of jawans, that's what we end up at? Cricket and movies?

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Hotstar)

This serves the purpose of political parties. ('Yeaaa, look at us! We're a nationalist party. We won't allow cricket and movies.')

This serves the purpose of celebrities to look, patriotic nationalist. ('Yeaaa, look at me! I am more intellect. I am a proud Indian. I think India should avoid cricket and movies with Pakistan.')

The fundamental problem with such a turn of conversations is three-fold:

1. How is stopping cricket and Pak actors a solution?

2. Is the loss of our security personnel's lives worth just the movies and cricket matches?

3. Such topics, too mainstream, take away all the attention from the actual solutions.

If India decides not to play against Pakistan in the World Cup 2019, what then? Will it help? Will it send any exceptional message to anyone that Pakistan and the world don’t already know about? Will that help in cornering Pakistan in the global forum?

india-playing-cricket-against-pakistan-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: NDTV Sports)

NO. NO. And NO!

And here's where it gets completely messed up…

Now, if Indian cricket team does play against Pakistan in the World Cup 2019, the players would be called 'anti-nationalists'. Such is the height of nationalism and propaganda in India, if you're not in agreement to a few groups of the extreme right wing, who apparently dominate the social media platforms, you're at risk of mental and physical torture.

That is what's happening with Indian journalists; that's what's happening in West Bengal where mobs are physically thrashing individuals, in their home, for their social media posts. There are social media groups where lists of "anti-nationalists" are in circulation for a targeted attack.

So, do you think that if Indian team decides to play against Pakistan, they would be spared from maligning attacks?!!! Likely not!

There's virtually no need to mix terrorism and cricket. It doesn't help. And it's quite absurd.

The solution to terrorism lies not with Cricket and Bollywood. And political parties are far from having any sense of knowing exactly what's happening. They just hide in the garb of nationalism to appeal the voters. The solution lies with the government. So, without putting pressure on them, we should let them handle the situation that deems fit.

Grieving over the loss of jawans and wanting actions against terrorism are no good reason to pave way for 'social media totalitarianism' and bring abuses in the mainstream.

Pay the jawans their respect. Support them in their demands. Be there for their needs. Join their protests and marches. BUT don't use them to help political parties in their petty politics.

Who cares whether India plays against Pakistan in WorldCup 2019!!! It doesn’t even matter. Let's not deviate the main topic to easy outlets like cricket and movies.