Do you think Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest Video was blown out of proportion or was the outcry justified and he should be banned from YouTube? - letsdiskuss
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Sumil Yadav

Sales Manager... | Posted on | Entertainment

Do you think Logan Paul’s Suicide Forest Video was blown out of proportion or was the outcry justified and he should be banned from YouTube?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

One could indeed say the whole controversy was a tad too much. How the mainstream media went on to bash Logan Paul in their countless editorials and op-ed was really ridiculous.

He shouldn’t have gotten that much attention because at the end of the day, with all the coverage he got, however negative, his numbers of subscribers on YouTube increased by a large margin. He became a lot more popular. In short, the media houses, in a way, did a favor on Logan Paul by blowing his Suicide Forest video incident out of proportion. He’s a fine example of “no publicity is bad publicity”!

Talking about the videos itself, it was beyond comprehensible what he did. Any human, with the right appetite to distinct entertainment and senseless would know what he did was extremely wrong. To make jokes around the dead body—and to actually make the body hanging his video’s thumbnail was ghastly. Plus, he didn’t even properly blur the body. One could easily see the purple/blue fingers. It was scarring—which is even more worrying given Logan Paul’s main target audience is the young ones—kids and teenagers. YouTube responded very late. Kids watching a horrific graphic—it was all very saddening.

All being said as a critic, one must also empathize with whatever happened. Just put yourself in his shoes and think accordingly. Anyone coming across a dead body unexpectedly wouldn’t know how to react. Maybe Logan felt the same thing. At the time, he was vlogging. And he has been posting videos daily without failing. So maybe he felt like continuing with his thing, maybe he was confused, maybe however he reacted was in his confusion. He’s 22 after all. One shouldn’t expect too much of him in terms of maturity. One should give him the benefits of doubt.

Besides, he apologized later, which didn’t feel real at all—but hey, at least he did. Plus, he also donated $1 million to suicide prevention organizations, which was a great thing to do. He did try to learn more about this sensitive issue of suicide—or at least that’s what he showed on his Video. So yeah, with all these happening, we should cut him some slack.

Logan Paul did something wrong. Media did something wrong by sensationalizing his suicide forest video. However, these aren’t the big problem. The big problem is people committing suicide and how we can prevent it.


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