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Sumil Yadav

| Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Do you think Modi government will ever enact an anti-lynching law?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Before the General Election 2019, Modi government can make one of the biggest statements by enacting an anti-lynching law. And it can literally play a pivotal role in strengthening its position in the polls. Because the majority of lynching cases that have surfaced over the past year are, in one way or another, linked to the people of BJP and its associates. Example: Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva outfits attacking the minority over suspicion of cattle smuggling and cow slaughtering.

The perception that many lynching mobs find shade and encouragement under the BJP government can easily be overturned if the government decides to bring the anti-lynching law. It would greatly benefit BJP in General Election 2019.

However, in reality, I don’t really see that happening. Indeed, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has said that if need be surfaced, the center will enact an anti-lynching law to curb down the rising incidents of such mob vigilantism. However, his statement looks quite hollow.

First, there’s already a need for such law; over 24 people have been killed in such lynching incidents in 2018 till now; what are we waiting for? Second, this statement comes only after the Supreme Court issued fresh advisories to the states and police chiefs to curb such incidents. The court also recommended an anti-lynching law. Rajnath Singh’s statement is basically a desperate attempt to show the government respects judiciary—so very cliched and expected.


Home Ministry, to look on the same page as Supreme Court, too, issued advisories to State Governments. It has asked all states to appoint a superintendent of Police-level office chief in all districts and form a special task force. It adds, failing to comply with these directions would call for strong actions against the officials in question.

For some reason, it all looks incredibly pretentious. It is BJP people and the associates who are linked to the majority of lynching incidents. It is them who are murdering people on suspicion of cow smuggling. So, it’s very unlikely that the central government will go ahead and enact an anti-lynching law. How can it do it and get its own people in trouble? Plus, the extreme Hindutva wings of BJP and RSS are one of the big reason why the Modi government holds a big possibility of coming into power for another term. Upsetting them might result in risking their win in the upcoming polls.

So, in short, NO!!! The Modi government will NOT enact an anti-lynching law. Now, the opposition can easily use this situation to gain some political points ahead of the big General Election 2019. However, we know, they are just as incompetent as the government, incapable of anything.


Blogger | Posted on

Lawfulness is enrolled inside state List. So it is the duty of the concerned states to authorize such a law. In any case, focal govenment can encourage state governments to uphold such laws. In addition, under phenomenal conditions, the Center also can make laws for state(s) through Rajya Sabha course....