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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted | Sports

Do you think Rafael Nadal can overtake Roger Federer to win most Grand Slams?

Entrepreneur | Posted

Absolutely. Rafael Nadal is just 32 years old. If injuries don’t catch him, he can easily overtake Federer’s record for most grand slam wins. He’s already a 17-time winner, while Federer has 20 grand slams. Also, at age 37, the latter one is nearing his retirement. Nadal basically has 4 years lead over him.


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In fact, given how he’s currently performing in the ongoing US Open 2018, I firmly believe that he will take over even Serena Williams, who herself is all geared up to equal and unseat Margaret Court’s all-time record to win the most Grand Slam titles in history. Serena – 37 in age, also nearing her retirement – holds the record of 23 Grand Slam titles. She needs one to equalize Margaret’s 24 wins and two to overtake her. 

I love Roger Federer. And I think he’s the greatest men’s tennis player. And certainly, no one can doubt that. However, Nadal is on a whole different level. And what’s interesting is that it feels like he’s only improving in every game. You should have seen his performance against Dominic Thiem, in the quarter-final of the underway US Open 2018. The match itself was a thriller. And Nadal’s performance was totally outstanding. 

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In short, to answer your question, it isn’t a matter of ‘if’ as it is about ‘when’. Rafael Nadal will overtake Roger Federer and become the record-holder of most grand slam wins (men). It’s just a matter of when will it happen. 

P.S. If you’re not following the US Open 2018, you’re missing an awful lot. We’re likely heading to a Nadal vs Djokovic clash. And even if you’re not into tennis, you certainly cannot miss this match!


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