Do you think the release of politically-charged movies like Thackeray, URI and The Accidental Prime Minister can help one party in General Election 2019? - letsdiskuss
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Raj Singh

Founder Dwarkawala | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Do you think the release of politically-charged movies like Thackeray, URI and The Accidental Prime Minister can help one party in General Election 2019?


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Our bollywood industry plays a very vital role in rendering it's message to the public. And this is not from now, but from aeons. Reacters become the symbolic image whose actions are real and reel to the watching public.

Currently, the scenario is that the movies like URI, THACKERAY,etc.have filled the audience with thrill and enthusiasm. But the opposite side says that these films were intentionally released to polish the image of BJP in the eyes of voters.

                                It's very naive to say that BJP is using movies and instruments for triumph.I think even if they are using what's the harm in it (they are not showing anything false and misdirected) and equally Congress also have played their cards too (Priyanka Gandhi).

Now which one is more intriguing political move?

One can see this as a strategy (keeping in mind that general elections "19" are 70 days away) and accuse the ruling government to use fraudulent method. But this is something people and political parties against BJP survise. No one has any documented proof. Do they?

I do think that movies based on patriotism and movies driven out of any political serve have ramifications over the public. one must comprehend that any actions/decisions taken by political parties whether big or small,major or minor are always thought throughout.

And, needless to say that BJP has turned a new leaf for India, and definitely people are seeing Modi as a muse.


Entrepreneur | Posted on


In a country where movies and actors can create humungous chaos and controversies (Padmavat, Kamal Hasan, and more), it would be naive to believe that the latest politically-charged Bollywood movies wouldn't have any impact on the viewers.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Newsclick)

Thackeray, URI and The Accidental Prime Minister although have different stories, they share the same undertone: politics.

...or, to be more precise: patriotism nationalism and Congress is the worst evil.

Indeed, it would be absurd to point out that it's all a master plan of BJP to have such movies release so near to the General Election 2019. Even if it's true, it would be incredibly neurotic even on the conspiracy theorists' part.

Such movies are blatant examples of the extent individuals can go to monetize social and political issues, even when it means staking the nation's goodwill and future.

This is, in fact, a new trend. In the garb of nationalism, "New India" and "India will rule the world" -- all of which are politically-charged, tossed by politicians to hide the fundamental problems in the country (the farmers and street-dwellers do NOT care about whether India rules the world or not) -- more artists are incorporating such themes in their songs, movies, and contents. Because these are popular themes in the country right now. It would help them gain more traction in the mainstream.

A very common example of this is the on-going battle between T-Series and PewDiePie for the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world. Somehow, for some reason, this battle reeks of 'India vs. The World' narration. For instance, in his diss track for Pewds, CarryMinati raps "Ek din India pure duniya chalayegi" (India will run the world one day). From movies to songs to even entertainment articles on the web, everything these days are leveraging the same theme to garner more traction.

So, the latest line of politically-charged movies befalls in the same place. The makers thought it would be more beneficial, financially, to make such movies and release them at this time of the year, just months away from General Election 2019. After all, while all these actors and directors can talk about "India" all the time, under the carpet all they really care about is money.

The Accidental Prime Minister shows how one family looted the nation.

URI shows the patriotic nationalist act of Indian army, which itself was a result of a strong government in the center.

Thackeray. Well, the less said about this the better. You never know who might get arrested for not liking this movie. Besides, it also underlines how we're in a bad habit of forgetting and forgiving dead. A person who created his political career around hatred and bigotry is now portrayed as a hero on the big screen. Hypocritical!

All these movies, intended or not, in one way or another, assume to help BJP and its allies. To that, they are also polarising political opinions to extreme ends.

Sadly, as democracy matures, polarization in ideologues becomes almost imminent. The worst part for India is that the polarization is crippled with hatred and not necessarily an alternative to socialism. And that's the scariest part.


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