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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Do you think todays’ 10 years old child will be socially and emotionally well-adjusted when s-he grows?


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It depends on a host of factors. The foremost is in what environment is today’s 10 years old child is growing up. Of course, we know they are surrounded by technology. But taking this general perception to claim they would be socially and mentally ***** when all grown is quite unjust.

While today’s kids are spending more time on their Smartphone and computers, they are also being told – more than ever – to head out under the sky. More of them are taking up extracurricular activities like dancing, singing, cloud watching, trekking, and so forth. Parents are more careful about their child’s overall development today than they were yesterday. They are making sure these little ones aren’t just tech-smart but also know about the ‘outer world’ by experiencing it first-hand.

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Plus, we all must give up the notion that technology is bad. Better apps and platforms have emerged on the scene in recent times that aim to groom these kids for tomorrow with right social and emotional stability and attitude. To that, the kids see more things over internet that are restrictive for their age. This gives them the real picture of the world far ahead of time. Meaning, they know about things (like crimes, *****, and more) far before than their parents when they are kids. This helps them shape their mindset and prepare for the world ahead.

So to say today’s kid will not be socially and emotionally well-adjusted when they grow is quite skeptical. They are growing in the midst of technology. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad. If anything, it could be good.

Remember, we aren’t the way our parents were…. More warm and easy, it will reflect on next generation for sure.

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