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Aditya Singla

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Does anger carry in genes or it’s purely a learned behavior?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Yes, a part of theangeris carried in genes. In fact, this is how it is for every characteristic andfeature. Children display a part of their parents in their emotions and general attitude. However, with exceptions, this tendency ofbehavioralgenetics happens only marginally. How a person ends uplargely dependingon how he is shaped rather than the kind of genes she or he is carrying.

So, if someone has anangerproblem, they may or may not have a family history of individuals with loose-temper. And even if they have, the role it would play would be very minute. A lot depends on the kind of environment that person has grown and the kind of people who stay around them. If he’s around calm and peaceful people, he would turn up to be exactly like that. But if he has grown up in a violent, uneasy environment where people are loose cannons, he would turn up to be like those individuals.

In short, if you’re experiencing anger-related issues, it has to do very less with how your parents and grandparents are. It depends on who you’re spending your time with, what kind of media you’re consuming and what kind of decisions you’re making.