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Teacher | Posted on | Entertainment

Does casting couch help you in getting a job in Bollywood?


Media specialist | Posted on

Let me tell you two things, first thing casting couch exists in Bollywood and second, you may get a job by making some comprises in industry but the real talent is the only thing that keeps you in limelight in the long run.

Lots of young girls think that short cuts are better to climb the ladder of success and making some comprises is a part of their job, but they don’t know that short cuts lead you nowhere. You may get a job but how long will you survive if you have no real talent? One month, six months or a year?

What after then? Your life is over? Or make you more sexual advances to someone? Listen, I have no notion to discourage you but making your choices clear and choosing between right and wrong is very necessary in the Bollywood.

Don’t fall into such traps that promise you getting a role or job in the industry. Instead of that spend more time on yourself and try to identify your natural talent and polish it up daily by practicing. Always remember your hard work never goes in vain and casting couch is such a swamp which engulfs your real talent.