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Does Covid-19 Vaccine Affect Fertility in Men and Women?


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You must have heard people saying that the Covid-19 vaccines may create a problem in the fertility of women and men. But according to the statements of the Health ministry, it is clear that these sayings are nothing but rumors. Let us make a clear discussion about how did Health Ministry respond in respect of such rumors.

According to the Health Ministry, infertility is not possible to occur due to the use of available vaccines given for treating Covid-19. There are no doubts regarding the efficacy and safety of the available Covid-19 vaccines. The health ministry expressed the assurance of the safety and security of the Covid-19 vaccines. And they all are therefore authorized legally.

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Any vaccine is first applied to animals as a part of the vaccine testing process. Then they are even applied to the human volunteers to make the test results even stronger. And the same process has even applied for testing the Covid-19 vaccine. So it is quite impossible that the Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective and unsafe for human health.

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According to the National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19, the available Covid-19 vaccines can be given to the immediate mothers. This is enough to prove the safety factor of the Covid-19 vaccines. Yes, after taking vaccination, the mothers can undoubtedly feed their babies with their breast milk. These vaccines are safe to that extent too. So you can forget about stopping or pausing breastfeeding during the Covid-19 vaccination period.

This is not the first time that any rumor is spreading regarding the vaccination. Because earlier, the same happened when measles-rubella vaccines were out.

So it has been made clear by the Health Ministry that the available Covid-19 vaccines are only for safety from Coronavirus. Immediate mothers are not an exception. You can breastfeed and accept the Covid-19 vaccines at the same time according to the Health Ministry.


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