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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | Health-beauty

Does eating mangoes make us fat?


yogacharya at Dwarka Sports Complex | Posted on

You have asked a good and relevant question. You want to know the effects of eating mango on our health, and if eating mangoes make us fat or not. This is a known fact that mango is considered as the king of all the fruits. Mango in itself has all the nutritional components which are enough to make it a wholesome fruit. Also, mango is one fruit which is loved and eagerly awaited by all.

Let’s start with enlisting the advantages of eating mango:

• Mango is a wholesome food in itself. Having two mangoes followed by a glass of water is enough to make a meal.
• The cholesterol whose amount is usually more than needed in our body due to the consumption of junk food, can be kept in check by eating mango.
• Raw mangoes are used in the preparation of “Aam Panna” (a drink made of raw mangoes). This drink saves us from heat stroke in summers.
• Most importantly, the juice of mango helps in fighting cancer.

Now let’s come to the disadvantages of eating mangoes:

• If you have had your dinner, and eat mango after it, then it makes your meal a high calorie meal. And having a high calorie diet is harmful for our ***** health. Having food in more than the needed amount affects us adversely.
• It is commonly known that natural sugars are present in mango in excess. So having mangoes in excessive amount increases the level of sugar in the body, which increases the blood sugar consequently.
• Mango is also rich in fiber and hence the over consumption of it results in digestion and stomach related problems.



student | Posted on

Mangoes is one of India's superfoods and it is regular loaded up with heaps of beta-carotene, nutrient C, folate and other B nutrients (fundamentally diminishes oxidative harm forestalling early maturing being one of it benefits among others). The sugar in mango is as fructose which doesn't get changed over to glucose and clearly doesn't raise your blood glucose and clearly doesn't add on to your fat as well. What's more, numerous investigations have demonstrated that the vast majority of the organic products including mango is found to diminish the danger of heftiness.

In any case, on the opposite side anything on the abundance may make you put on weight.

A medium estimated mango(around 200gms) give around 150kcal and significantly low carb and protein with irrelevant fat. It is one of the nourishments that causes you to feel dynamic and fiery for the duration of the day. It will be a decent night or an early in the day nibble, by the manner in which you can spare yourself from having additional calories. And furthermore gives as an incredible post work out tidbit.


Blogger | Posted on

I don't think that Mangoes will make you fat. Not only Mango, no any other fruit & vegetable (except potato) will make you fat.

Mangoes have a good amount of nutrient