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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | Astrology

Does elephant hair ring (Yanai Mudi Ring) have some kind of power?


Student | Posted on

Some people believe that the yanai mudi ring has healing properties, others think it's merely an adornment. These psychic tools include many types of rings made from different materials, but all are expensive. Some spiritualists claim that if you wear this ring on your right hand and say "I must not be afraid" three times, it will make you fearless in the face of danger. In "Shiki no wakaba" (The Young Leaves of Autumn – a Japanese fairy tale), a monkey king named Shiko gave a yanai mudi ring to a baby boy over a thousand years ago. Its power was the ability to make him invincible, and unfortunately, people would do bad things with its power. It is said that they used the ring to rule the world.



"It makes my finger itch." 

Yanai mudi ring in history

There are many images of yanai mudi rings in history books and picture scrolls, but they're all different in their design. Some people think it's the oldest type of jewelry in Japan. It is said that the monkey king Shiko gave one to his son, but later he lost it.


The yanai mudi ring has been passed down through the generations as a symbol of good luck and wealth. Still, it is not well-known among people today. So I wonder what would be the best way to spread the word...

Yanai mudi ring as Japanese idiom : Yanai mudi ring (外安羯金) – literally translated as "external peace-ring". It usually refers to a beautiful woman who has too much money and is desired by many men. This idiom is often used in olden days, but it still pops up in modern writings, too.

"I've heard that yanai mudi ring has medicinal power."<-- I heard this many times previously. My grandmother carried two yanai mudi rings with her all the time... But I don't know what kind of power they have..


Japanese girls who believe in yanai mudi ring's power will sometimes playfully say "I mustn't be afraid" to themselves. Nowadays, these rings are made from synthetic materials and have lost their healing powers. It's also rumored that some people collect them as a hobby...


Content Writer | Posted on

My personal opinion- NO! It’s all superstitious. Plus, it’s also a big commercial market. Elephant hair is very costly. So, more people spread the fake beliefs just to remain in this business. Most importantly, when you cut the hair of elephants, be it from the trunk or eyelashes, you actually limit their natural ability to manage themselves normally.

So I would suggest, stop buying such elephant hair rings. In fact, stop buying any product that is produced by harming the animals.

Now coming to your question in specific, the reason why people wear Yanai Mudi Ring spans into the Hindu mythology. It’s related to Lord Ganesha who symbolizes power, beauty, and strength. See, when Ganesha was born, he wasn’t smart. But then Lord Shiva replaced his head with that of an elephant. Following which he became extremely wise, powerful and intelligent.

So, people usually wear elephant hair ring thinking that a part of an elephant would bestow on them the same kind of wisdom, strength, and intelligence.

Does this really happen- like a person become better after wearing elephant hair ring? It’s very unlikely!!!

Again, avoid any product that is made by harming any kind of animal.



Blogger | Posted on

Same as Matthew's answer: certainly don't purchase anything which bolsters the chasing of elephants. They are astute, smooth creatures who don't have the right to become adornments...

I would include that instead of depending any bit of gems to vanquish your snags, fabricate that capacity inside yourself. Not all deterrents you face in life will be things you can legitimately dispose of, however a large portion of them will be things you can discover ways around, in the event that you are yearning and flexible. There is constantly an answer when you face an individual barricade. Go to your internal quality and your loved ones when it occurs, not to a ring.


Writer | Posted on

Hey friends, we all love to gain power. Right! So here is a belief that an elephant hair ring has some kind of power. Is it true or just a story? Let's see as the answer continues:

Well, the ring of elephant hair is called Yanai Mudi Ring. And several renowned jeweller companies have a stock of elephant hair rings to sell to the customers.

You must be curious to know the significance of the elephant hair ring. Right! Well, the elephant hair ring is a traditional jewellery that people from ancient times started wearing. There is a strong belief that the ring made of elephant's tail hair can prevent you from misfortunes and keep you healthy.

Letsdiskuss Image Source:Google

You all may be aware that elephants have a strong connection with the Lord of washing off the obstacles and the evil power i.e. Lord Ganesha. And elephants have been in existence for many decades. These great facts have made the ring of elephant's tail hair hold importance among the masses.

Making of elephant hair ring

The jewellery shops make the elephant ring with the few hair strands of the elephant's tail. These strands are fitted into a ring by bending down or knotting them together. The elephant's hair in their tail region is so thick that it makes the manufacturing process of the elephant hair ring a difficult task. This makes the elephant hair ring, precious and sophisticated jewellery.

Image Source: Google

It is an interesting fact that the hair strands of the elephant's tail region are very hard. So they need boiling to get softened. They are then given the required shape and size in their hot state. These softened and shaped elephant hair strands are then combined with metals like gold or silver. So these are now available to wear as stylish jewellery.

Remember that there are several legal ways for collecting the strands of hair from the elephant's tail region. The safest way is to try collections of the hair at the time elephants' natural shedding of hair.


Thinker | Posted on

I would suggest you not to believe in such things, as they support hunting of innocent wild animals. 

The belief may be popular because of the connection of Elephants with Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the Adhisthan Devata for the planet Ketu. And Ketu being the planet of salvation and black magic, these superstitious beliefs are associated with Elephants and jewelry made from their body parts.  


@blogger | Posted on

I don't think so there is any kind of power.


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