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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Sports

Does Rahul Dravid deserve to be in ICC Hall of Fame?


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Rahul Dravid has become the 5th India cricketer to have been inducted in prestigiousICC Hall of Fame. Before him, the honor has gone to Bishan Singh Bedi, SuniGavaskar, KapilDev and Anil Kumble. Yes, no Sachin Tendulkar!

Aside from him, Former Australian Captain Ricky Pointing and retired England Woman wicketkeeping batsman Claire Taylor, too, would be inducted in this league of players this year for the remarkable achievements throughout their career.
(Courtesy: Cricket Country)
As the news came in, here’s what Rahul Dravid said—"It is a matter of great honor to be named by the ICC in the Cricket Hall of Fame. To find your name in a list of all-time greats across generations is something one only dreams of while setting out on a cricket career and the kind of recognition that would delight any player."
Now the question comes—should he really be inducted in ICC Hall of Fame? Does Rahul Dravid deserve that?
A clear and astounding answer is YES. Rahul Dravid is one of the best Indian cricketers—if not the best out of all. He has defined the Indian cricket with his unmatched class, leadership,and grace. He has inspired a new generation of cricketers in India and across the world. In fact, inarguably, he is to India what Brian Lara is to West Indies. Rahul Dravid is one of the best Test Cricketers in the world of all time. And his records and past performance very well prove this. 
Let’s check his some of the records:
· In test, Rahul Dravid has faced highest number of ball and spent the longest amount of time on the crease.
· He is also the FIRST cricketer to have scored centuries in all 10 test playing nations.
· He is the first batsman playing at number 3 in test to have scored 10,000 runs. In this position, he also holds the record of scoring most number of runs.
· Rahul Dravid has the highest number of partnership runs in test cricket history.
· He has also taken the highest number of catches as a non-wicketkeeper.
· He holds the record for most consecutive ODI innings without a duck.
· He is the first cricketer to play more than 90 consecutive test matches.
These are just a few of the records Rahul Dravid holds. He has big numbers in ODI and Test storybooks. But frankly, these figures do not do justice to his true class and the kind of on-field presence he had. Even till this day, he is hailed as the most respected cricketer in the world. When it comes to Cricket and Gentleman, his name is tossed at the very top along with few other selected legends like Adam Gilchrist.
In short, there’s no one better to be inducted in ICC Hall of Fame than Rahul Dravid.
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