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Lara Gomes

fashion analyst | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Does Santa exist in reality? (If not, why we lie then?)


Senior Software Engineer | Posted on

No, Santa doesn’t exist in reality. It’s a fictional character that is shaped around Saint Nicholas, a fourth century Greek bishop, born in the year 270 AD.

Saint Nicholas nowhere resembled how we see the Santa today—portly, joyous, white-bearded man clad in red. It is through centuries and decades of detail adaptability and transition that we know of Santa as he is now.

The character was actually originated in the western countries, but soon after other countries too accepted it with open arms, taking it synonymic to Christmas Eve.

As told to children now, Santa visits them at night and provide them with gifts, given they were good the whole year.

While Santa isn’t real, about 85 percent of young kids in USA believe in his existence. And it has turned out to be the biggest contemporary challenge for parents around the world—breaking to their kids that the person they believe in is a fake character that doesn’t really exist.

Now the most obvious question that can emerge is why parents lie to their kids about Santa in the first place?

Well, there isn’t any solid answer to it, but we can take few guesses. For example, Santa exudes a positive and happy feeling. He makes kids happy and excited. So in the days of hassle and stress, if there’s anything that makes a kid so happy, why rid them of it?!

Like said, there isn’t any concrete answer. So you can take all your guesses.