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Trishna Dhanda

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does zinc alloy jewelry turn your skin green?


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Temporary turning of skin color to green due to zinc alloy jewelry

You like to wear jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bangles, and so on. Right! But are you worried about your skin color turning green for those jewelries? Then you may notice that the jewelry must be made of zinc alloy. But nothing to worry about because the green color on your skin is temporary and can be wiped off very easily within seconds. We know that all metals have chemicals in their body. The same applies to zinc alloy jewelry as well. The turn of your skin to green is due to the occurrence of some chemical reaction between jewelry chemicals and the body acids.

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Does zinc alloy jewelry tarnish?

Yes, zinc alloy jewelry does tarnish and changes its original color to green, black, brown, blue, anyone.
  • Oxidation is the first and vital reason for the same. Zinc alloys can quickly get affected by the non-metallic compounds in the atmosphere like oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Tarnishing of zinc alloy jewelry may also happen due to the high temperature or high humidity.
  • While continuous usage of zinc alloy jewelry, dents and abrasions take place. So dirt, seepage of moisture in the dents cause tarnishing.
How long does zinc alloy jewelry last?

It is not possible to say exactly how long a zinc alloy jewelry can last. Because the long-lasting factor depends on how you can maintain and handle a specific zinc alloy jewelry.

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Try to avoid direct contact of the zinc alloy with the UV rays and keep it away from the environment with high temperature and humidity. Store it properly so that it does not get oxidized with non-metallic compounds. Try to handle your zinc alloy jewelry with proper safety measures so that dents or abrasions do not take place.

It concludes that the more you are careful with your zinc alloy jewelry, the more it can last for long.


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Zinc is one of the safest metal for jewelry because it doesn’t contain lead and lead in jewelry is what makes it unsafe to wear and causes skin rashes and allergies. When your jewelry is exposed to air it reacts with carbon dioxide and that acts a protective layer for the jewelry stopping it from reacting further to water or air on use. That makes it safer. This reaction with the air changes the color of the jewelry and it in turn commonly results in skin discoloration.



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