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Everything you need to know about HarihareshwarHow to reach? What to do?


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Harihareshwar is a Town in Raigad district, in Maharashtra, India. The river Savitri enters the Arabian sea from the town of harihareshwar. This town is surrounded by three beautiful hills named pushpadri, harshinachal and harihareshwar. This town is also referred as dev-ghar or house of God because towards the north of this town there is a very famous temple of lord harihareshwar, blessed by the divine lord Shiva. This place is very popular for its pilgrimage and even more popular for its beach resorts, there the two beach resorts one is situated in the south and the other in the north of the temple. The Maharashtra government has took up every possible initiative to turn it into famous tourist spot, Maharashtra tourism corporation owns a resort in the southern part of the temple. Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach make the harihareshwar town a popular weekend beach destination from Pune (190 km) and Mumbai (210 km).

There are a lot of activities you can enjoy while you’re in harihareshwar like sunset, sightseeing, beautiful beaches, mesmerizing views, shopping and many more. The top sightseeing places in Harihareshwar are Harihareshwar Beach, Kalbhairav Temple, Ganesh Gully, Diveagar Beach, Bagmandala. You can also commute by local transport like auto rickshaws to explore the market and hidden gems within the town. The town is surrounded by three hills (pushpadri, harshinachal and harihareshwar) and river Savitri flows through the Town which definitely adds a lot of aesthetic value to the whole experience.

Harihareshwar is also very famous for its temple and pilgrimage, Kalbhairav temple and Shankar temple are one of the most popular temples, one should definitely visit to do prayers and seek blessings. Bankot fort and Ganesh gali are also famous tourist attractions to sink in the history and culture of the town.

The railhead/ railway station named Mangaon is the nearest located to Harihareshwar town, located at a distance of about 60 km from the city. The trains from many cities in the country halt at Mangaon or Pune railway station. It’s best to get down at any one of these stations and then book a taxi for Harihareshwar, after a long train journey this will be the most comfortable route. But if you’re commuting by pune or Mumbai there are options for tourist bus facility, also you can drive your own car and reach enjoying the beautiful views. As the distance between harihareshwar and Mumbai is 114 km by road and 105km from Pune by road.

The best season to visit harihareshwar is monsoon and winters, October to March are the best months to visit when the weather is a bit cool and less of heat. The Diwali and Shiv Ratri celebrations during this period along with Ganesh Chaturthi in September can make a visit to Harihareshwar a more beautiful and memorable experience.