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Priya Gupta

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Has it become easy in metros to remain single for women?


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Comparing, yes! Urban women do enjoy much more liberation than those living in rural areas.
However, this is not to say they don’t have to face troubles. Beyond a certain age, there always
comes pressure from the society, in face of parents forcing you to marry, relatives question and
neighbors wondering if there’s anything wrong with you.
Thankfully, metro cities have a relatively more crowd of women who want to remain single and
focus on their career. So with many like-minded people around them, those in this situation, they
never feel like an outcast—even when they are getting pressured to give in patriarchy and pushy
Also, thankfully, in many metro cities, men play just as of a crucial role. In recent times, we have
seen many men playing an immense supporting role, taking part in women’s decision to stay single
with full agreement.
So, yes, it’s easier for women in metro cities to remain single.
Sadly, the other side of the coin is very sordid. In rural areas, not only are women pushed to get
married – by a person selected by their parents who they don’t even know – they are treated as a
liability to the family. Giving dowry is a very evident fact of this.
It’s extremely sad that in such a personal decision, that should be fully respected, society comes to
play such an important role for absolutely no reason whatsoever.