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Sanya Chopra

Makeup artist at Jawed Habib | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Has women-s day just become a day of marketing gimmicks for brands?


Fashion enthusiast | Posted on

Each year 8th march is the day when your phone gets flooded with wishing Happy Women's Day messages. Big brands selling women's clothes and accessories, banks, health and wellness clinics as well as beauty parlous among many others that send you wishing a very Happy Women's Day message.

And the messages just not end with wishing you Happy Women's Day. A lot of messages offer you special discounts on the Women's Day like women are special and on this special day they deserve to be special, offering you 50% off on hairdos and free pedicure and manicure along with it.

Another message says, pamper a woman for a day and she will care for you for her whole life. Why pampering only for a single day and not for the rest of other 364 days? Why women need to feel special only on Women's Day? What about the other days of the year?

Such questions raise eyebrows among us that Women's day has become a day of commercialization to exploit women in the spirit of the celebration. The concept of promoting the brand using the image of a woman has become very common.

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The celebration of women's day is being much hyped in today's world but it is being celebrated in the same spirit and with similar intention to bring social transformation with which it was initiated a century back and I strongly doubt that such transformation is happening.