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Shivam Khandelwal

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Haunted Places in the UAE?


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I visited United Arab Emirates last year, and as an adventure-lover was very keen to visit some so called “haunted places” there. So I asked around and got to know about names. Out of all I found just three places worth giving the tag of “haunted”.

1. Al Khail Gate in Dubai


I think it is spooky because it tells the tale of a modern ghostly activity. The construction of the place was finished only in 2011.

Many spooky activities were noticed by the very first residents of Building number 33 in Al Khail Gate, Dubai. Their stuff started disappearing suddenly and was found at other tenants’ place the next morning. I did not stay there, but the place really have the air of something horrible there.

2. Jumeirah 2

haunted-place-in uae-letsdiskuss

It’s the building-4 of Jumeirah, which is infamous for driving its residents out of it. The place of owned by Filipinos. The locals believe that passing by from the site can be risky as the forces there are said to possess the souls. People have noticed many sounds coming from the building and paranormal activities happening to be sure of it being haunted.

3. Al Qasimi Palace


One can see the faces of children standing, staring at you at the windows of this palace. The palace was abandoned some 20 years ago and since then, many stuff from the Palace have been found missing which are unaccounted for. The area itself looks so dangerous, that I never dared to go near the palace.  


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