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Have you ever witnessed the power of karma ?


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[The Law of Karma]

Karma is a Hindu expression which originates from Sanskrit and identifies with destiny and activity. Only you are liable for your activities.

It is the law of circumstances and logical results, an unbreakable law of the universe. You merit everything that transpires, fortunate or unfortunate. You made your bliss and wretchedness. One day you will be under similar conditions that you put another person in.

Is Karma Real?

Truly, karma is genuine. Karma is your bond with the past. Karma is an all inclusive law; it can't be broken. Karma shows you and makes your insight into the world progressively complete.

Your Future is an Echo of Your Past

•Accept – Most individuals are taking on an internal conflict against something you know nothing about. Consequently you should not pass judgment on them. You haven't strolled from their perspective. You don't have the foggiest idea what they have experienced. They may have been manhandled, confronted hardship, or never been cherished. In the event that you judge, at that point you will be judged. Acknowledge others as they may be.

•Forgive – Forgiveness mitigates you from torment. It takes an extraordinary individual to pardon. Retribution will hurt you. Absolution doesn't mean you are content with what was done to you. It implies that you are benevolent and cherishing enough to proceed onward. You will set an incredible model for other people. Incredible things happen to the individuals who pardon.

•Be Grateful – Be thankful, this is so significant! Did you eat today? Is it true that you are solid? Do you have cover? The individuals who are grateful are cheerful. Offer your thanks. It will give you internal harmony.

•Reflection – The great and terrible you find in others additionally exists in you. What you find in others is only an impression of yourself. Continuously search for the positive qualities in everybody.

•Energy – Give love and love returns to you. The vitality you convey ALWAYS returns to you. On the off chance that you emanate joy and positive vitality, at that point that is the thing that you will get back. That is the reason when you are feeling acceptable, the world appears to be so wonderful. You are conveying superb vibrations.

•Reaction – If others need assistance and you give them practically nothing, at that point one day, in the event that you need support, you will likewise get practically nothing. The manner in which others carry on towards you is their karma, the manner in which you react will decide your karma.

•Chance – By now you more likely than not comprehended that nothing occurs by some coincidence. Everything occurs so you can learn. The Buddha stated, "The best accomplishment is magnanimity."

•Bad Karma

Nothing ever leaves until it has trained you what you should know. Your terrible karma is a surprisingly beneficial turn of events.

Blame is a type of discipline. Excruciating outcomes throughout your life originate from the moves you made that conflicted with the objectives of the universe. The agony drives home the exercise. What are the objectives of the universe? Everlasting adoration.

Would i be able to Change My Karma?

Would you be able to change your karma? Truly. You can't stop karma, yet you can alter the course of your karma. Anything you did in your past can be "fixed" by doing great at this point. You have harvested what you planted. You made your own fate, presently you can reproduce it. How? You have choice. You can gain from an earlier time.

A reasonable still, small voice can't be purchased from a snapshot of disappointment or disgrace. In the event that you need pardoning for your moves you should initially make duty regarding them.

Lament is the beginning stage. Feeling frustrated about what you did imparts a sign to the universe. You should mean what you state. It's tied in with learning through sympathy. That originates from cautiously envisioning how others feel.

Here is the real story fromRiddhi Jaiswal


Since childhood, I hated my mama (my mothers brother) as he always made me feel bad. He always compared me with his daughter who is a year younger to me.

Scenario 1-

Mama- You look so fat, you should lose weight. See, neha looks so fit and fine.

Me- Okay, mama.

My mom- No reaction. She does not want to ruin her relationship with her brother.

This has happened so many times and still does. It hurts me.

Scenario 2-

Mama- How much you scored?

Me(in class 6)- 64%

Mama- You are so dumb. Better learn some cooking. Neha scored 92%.

Me- Okay, mama.

Moms reaction- Same as above.

Scenario 3-

Mama- Where are you going?

Me- Class.

Mama- Okay.

After I leave,

Mama to Mom- Which class?

Mom- Swimming

As I enter

Mama- You are shameless. What will people think? Should girls from our family swim? You dont have values. Neha does not do all these things. She only studies.

Me(extremely angry) - Okay.

Scenario 4-

Mama- What was your result in CA IPCC?

Me- Failed.

Mama- I told your mom, she is good for nothing. Why don't you become an expert in household chores? Who will marry you?

Me- Got up. Went to my room and cried.

Mom- Same reaction.

Scenario 5-

Mama- Neha cleared CA Finals. What was your result?

Me- Congratulations! I failed

Mama- Thank you!

Kept the phone.

Scenario 6-

Mama- Neha got a job. Her salary is 20k per month.

Me- Congratulations!

Mama- I wish we could ever congratulate you. Haha.

I kept the phone. Cried.

Scenario 7-

Mama- Hello!! Give phone to your mother it's urgent.

Mom- Hello, what happened? Is everything alright?

Mama- Come home fast.

Mom- But, what's the matter?

Mama- Cried. Just come.

Mom went to mama's home which is 50 kms from my home.

My cousin, had an affair with an extremely bad boy. A boy, who does not earn a penny, a boy who is just 12th pass, a boy who belongs to an extremely different community. But, he looks good!!

Now, she is locked up in the house. Can't go anywhere. She had to forcibly quit her job.

All my mama's pride is gone. He has never been so polite with me as he is now.

Mamaji shocked! Karmaji Rocked!!