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Angela Chopra

WebDeveloper | Posted on | Science-Technology

Help me to choose best book for buy!


Thinker | Posted on

I’m not sure about the best book (because different people have different taste when it comes to books), but in order to choose a good book to read, you first need to choose your taste.

First of all, you need to figure out which type of books exactly interest you. Some people like philosophical stuff while some have a knack for romantic novels. Some go for suspense thriller and detective novels while some like comics and graphic novels. There are people who like to read factual stuff, not fictional and some go for mythological. There are many more categories and you are supposed to choose your category before you go on choosing your book.

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After you are done with the category, starting with the classics in that field is the safest. For example, if you like suspense thrillers, you can go for Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, because they are least likely to disappoint you. If you are a Gothic fiction fan, go for Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, or Wuthering Heights.

Classic books are the best to give you the hang of your chosen genre and then you can judge better the books other than classics. Now move on to contemporary books and the trending ones. This is the right time to take recommendations from others (preferably from someone who’s a voracious reader) and judge for yourself which one you should read.

At this point, you must remember the old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Never go just by the synopsis of the book given on the cover, or the reviews of various newspapers and magazines printed on the cover. What you can do is, if you are suggested a book by someone, surf net and go through some quotes of the book there. If the quotes are successful to touch your heart, you can go on reading that book.

One more way of judging if a book is good or not, is to see the hype it is creating all over, and the types of people preferring that particular book. For example, there is a certain section of society which likes the novels of Chetan Bhagat and Durjoy Dutta a lot. That doesn’t mean they are must-read. That just means that those books are popular among the readers of a particular taste, which may or may not be similar as yours.

On the other hand, there is a big, big hype of the Harry Potter novels and it just does not cease to settle. Talk to potterheads and ask why they like these novels so much. If you still want to go a level up, you can go for checking on the people who like to read the novels and essays of Arundhati Roy.

Go like this step by step and you will definitely come across many good books to peruse.


accountant at Indo Gulf Garments Trading LLC | Posted on

This is a magnificent inquiry. I had never truly thought of how I pick books. I realize it will sound hackneyed yet I don't pick books, the books pick me (Harry Potter reference!)

I'm going to attempt to compose the way toward picking a book:-

I ought to acknowledge and be prepared for perusing a book. This is extremely significant in light of the fact that occasionally, we don't want to peruse.

I set aside a few minutes for perusing. This implies, completing each on going TV arrangement and burning through lesser time on YouTube and time pass.

I ensure that all is good and well before the hallowed undertaking of picking a book. You shouldn't be busy with work or schoolwork or tests while you choose to begin perusing since when you read a bit of wonder in portions, it's grandness falls apart.

I check my enormously huge assortment of books to see which book fits the present circumstance or temperament. For example I have my end Semester tests one week from now, I realize it is likely not the best time to peruse but rather I'd incline toward perusing something light and something cheerful in this circumstance on the grounds that my life is gooomy and discouraging. Like-The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella which I have just perused previously. This encourages me in not getting snared to the book and in the process burning through a huge amount of examining time.