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Medha Kapoor

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How are mango leaves good for health?


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Mango leaves prove to be good for health. These leaves have anti-oxidants, proteins, Vitamin A, B, and C in sufficient amounts. The presence of all these nutrients makes the consumption of the leaves of mango tree beneficial.

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Benefits of the leaves of mango tree:

• The powder (or Churan) of these leaves, when taken with lukewarm water, cures the problem of indigestion.

• Mango leaves are effective in controlling blood pressure and diabetes treatment. Those who are suffering from the problems of blood pressure are advised to take the leaves of mango tree daily.

• Taking these leaves with honey is said to be beneficial for the patients of asthma. This can even cure asthma.

• Mango leaves can also cure burns. Applying the juice of the leaves on the burnt part provides instant relief.