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Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | Astrology

How beneficial are birthstones?


Content Writer | Posted on

1. Birthstones can activate your kundali chakra, this chakra at the tail of your spine and has so much strength that you can’t even imagine. Wearing a birthstone makes you powerful, energetic and spiritual.


2. Birthstones can help you in stabilize your mind, you would become more decisive and take proper decisions in life.


3. Birthstones keep the negative energies and chaos at bay. Wearing them gives you relief from stress and depression and you are able to overcome of problems in your life.


4. Birthstones make your presence felt and people get attracted towards you. They improve your manifestation and charm powers.


5. Birthstones heal you from within, that is what you need the most when you are down or going through a rough patch. They attract positive vibes and kick off all the negative energies.