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head cook ( seven seas ) | Posted on | Health-beauty

How can an Indian girl become more beautiful?


Makeup artist,We MeGood | Posted on

It’s a cliched answer butbeing youall the time is the best tip to be beautiful. Yes, “be yourself” is the sexiest. But aside from that, there are quite a bit of practical things that Indian girls can do to become more beautiful.

Here are few of the tips:

  • Avoid any “magical” skin-glowing magical products. Believe it or not, such creams are harmful in the long run. Also, avoid too much makeup. Stick to basic skincare hygiene. Like applying lotion,sunscreen,andmoisturizer. And you would be good to go. Remember, too muchmakeupis the biggestturn-off. All these make up products are for colder climate. Remember, India is hot and humid…unless you sit 24 hours in an AC, too much make up shows layers and not beauty. Kohl definitely looks good for big Indian eyes.

  • Smell good all the time. Yes, when you smell good, it positively affect how the people around you perceive your beauty. If you smell good, you will automatically come off as beautiful. If not, then, oh well…

  • Strive to be fit not slim. The days when those thin Victoria Secret models would be assumed as beautiful just because of their size is long gone. A fitter person is always ‘in’ as compared to prettier but weak person.

  • Dress properly. Buy clothes that fit you and suit your comfort zone. You don’t have to buy those tight leggings if you are blessed with Indian bums! But then again, don’t hesitate in going out of your comfort and try something unique and trendy. How you dress is directly related to how beautiful you look. Yes, as sad as it is, we still judge a book by its cover.

  • Don’t get your long black hair colored by various weird closures. God gave you these black beautiful hair knowing your skin tone…please don’t copy any one.

  • Read and become smart. If you want to hook up with guys, gain attention and become asocialmedia star, spend all your time in your clothes and makeups. BUT if you genuinely want to win over a man, you would also require agoodbrain. So, groom yourself on the intellectual level. Become smart. Read books.Grow your knowledge. Surround yourself with positive people…. remember, nothing is more beautiful than wit.

These are some practical tips for oh so beautiful Indian girls/women to become more beautiful.Good luck!