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Engineer,IBM | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

How can I become a professional stock market consultant?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There isn’t a clear set of steps you can to take to become a professional stock market consultant or advisor. I know a few people who give financial advises (as their full-time profession) without any traditional qualification. And then there are people who do this with ample of qualifications under their wings.

So there’s no straight path. But if you want to improve your chances of success as a stock market consultant, you can do the following:

One, graduate from finance-related stream! If possible, opt for masters too. At the same time, you can take short-term courses offered by NSE India. Currently, they have 4 courses—

(1) Certification on Equity Portfolio Management

(2) Certified program on Live trading strategies

(3) NSE Academy’s Certified Capital Market Professional (NCCMP)

(4) Online NSE Academy’s Certified Capital Market Professional(E-NCCMP).

BSE too offers some good post-graduation courses. You can check them out and pick one(s) that better suit your needs and preferences.

Second, in order to work as an independent professional stock market consultant, it would do well if you have worked for some other company to gain experience of the corporate world. So apply to good and reputed companies—the better the company you work in, the more rewards you’ll receive later on in your life. In the same period, also start freelancing—offering consultants to low-end clients yourself. Find clients on various platforms or through your network. Starting a blog to display your expertise could be of great help.

After working in that company for few years, once you have decent experience and good market reputation (through networking and blogging), you can start working as an independent professional stock market consultant. Setup your office, develop a good looking website and if you don’t get clients, approach the prospective from the front. Getting first few clients would be the most difficult part. Cross that bar and you can rest assured of high success.

All the best !!


Stockquantum | Posted on

By the way to be an expert in any of the profession depends upon the experience because to give time in anything teach us everything, But to be professional you will have to be bachelor and get the degree and diploma. To be a professional consultant regarding with stock market, the skill, time giving, experience and course completion from a well known institute matters.It matters most to be a successful and professional stock market consultant.